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Jota's Brane

This is not Jota's actual brain. You know how when your trashcan gets too full of useless junk, some of it starts to fall out onto the floor? This is some of the junk which has fallen out of Jota's brain.
7th sea, 9, adult swim, ai, alchemy, alex pepperberg, aliens, anime, atlantis, avatars, balanced ternary, bbc7, beards, beta testing, brains, branes, buttonmen, car features, cartoons, cats, christianity, cleverness, clutter, colocation, communication, computers, convenience, cryptic scribbled notes, custard, cyberpunk, d&d, diet, distraction, dreams, elements, fantasy, fiction, food, funding, games, geocaching, girl genius, grunk, gunnerkrigg court, having unique interests, heroes, holidays, humor, ideas, if, ifmud, illegal interests, imagination, information, intelligence, interactive fiction, invasion, inventions, japanese, jellybeans, just a minute, learning japanese, life, magic, manga, math, meat, modesty, money, muffins, muppets, my name is earl, necromancy, nemomenos, neologism, not being noticed, numbers, order of the stick, pedantry, pirates, place, power, powers, procreation, programming, pseudoscience, puzzles, quintessence, rain, randomness, recipes, research, restore, reverse polish notation, robots, role playing games, save, science, science fiction, scrivening, shapes, signs, silverware, sleep, sluggy freelance, soup, space, space travel, steampunk, super powers, surreality, tads 3, telecommunications, text adventures, the future, the moon, time, time travel, towers, transformation, transmutation, triangle and robert, undo, vampire theory, vending machines, virtual reality, vision, walking, water, weather, webcomics, weight, weight lifting, wordplay, words, writing, xkcd, xyzzy, zork,