Jota (jotasbrane) wrote,

Alchemy, Part 6 (Conclusion)

(Continuing from Part 5. Begun in Part 1.)

As there are shapes to the lesser balances between the elements, so is there a shape to the careful coordination of all five together. If you have read and understood all of what I have written before, then it is possible that you may be prepared to learn of this melding and to witness the tesseract formula.

All solid forms to be used as materials for this formula must be carved into sheets of similar dimensions (roughly a palm's breadth is suitable) and no great thickness. This will allow them to lie evenly in parallel together, thus sharing one form and space. The wise disciple will prepare all of these at the beginning of the ritual.

The first element is that of grain. The process of preparing whitened flour to create bread is well-documented. Follow this procedure to produce a loaf of the desired width and height. Take two sheets that have been cut from the loaf and lay them on a pan over a smoldering brazier. Speak the first verse of the prayer of entombment as they lie there. This prayer invokes both the deep places of the earth and the lofty heavens. Invert both slices and speak the final verse of the prayer. Then remove them form the heat and lay them flat in front of you, side by side. These will be the foundation of the tesseract. The piece on the left represents the earth; that on the right, the heavens.

As early as possible into the process, it is important to infuse this creation with the quintessence. This will come in two forms: one that is transmuted from leaf, and the other from milk. Across the upper surface of the Earth foundation, spread a thin layer of a paste of ground mustard-seed. On the Heaven foundation, spread thickened soured light cream. Pause, at this moment, to remember the five kinds of love, each in turn, to prepare yourself to continue.

The tesseract has elements of fluidity trapped within elements of stability, much as life itself is trapped within mortal vessels. Thus, we proceed with the second element of stability, that of leaf. Mushrooms are of earth and decay, and so two cleaned white mushrooms that have never before seen light must be sliced thin and layered to cover the mustard-seed on the Earth foundation. Lettuce leaves are light and moist like the air itself, and so one large unbroken leaf from just within the outside of a lettuce head must be torn asunder and laid across the Heaven foundation in the same manner.

Next, the element of blood comes in the form of the flesh of kine. It is to have been roasted until the red of muscle begins to fade from the middle, then carved so thin that light passes through each piece, like paper. Take four of these and draw on each in invisible lines with an un-inked quill the astrological symbol representing Taurus, so that the dead flesh remembers the beast it once was. Two of these must be laid evenly on each foundation.

The final element is that of milk. Find milk which has been allowed to curdle and age into cheese with a sharp and pungent flavor. Make the sign of beginnings with your left hand, then lay a single slice of this cheese atop the construction that has been built on the foundation of Earth. Make the sign of endings with your right hand. then take the construction built on the foundation of Heaven in both hands, invert it, and lay it atop the other, leaving heaven and earth in perfect symmetry about their center, heaven above and earth below.

If you heeded well my instruction and followed it carefully, what you see before you is the final product: a tangible representation of the tesseract, the synthesis of all five elements. Partake thereof: in its consumption enlightenment awaits you.
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