Jota (jotasbrane) wrote,

As featured in the New York Harmoniphilic Orchestra

My brain does strange things. If crude sexual terminology offends you, I would recommend skipping this entry.

So for some unknown reason, the word "glockenspiel" floated through my head today. Not long after, my brain had decided to morph this into "cockenspiel" -- which it immediately informed me would necessarily be a music instrument comprising an array of male members whose lengths were proportionate to the notes in the chromatic scale. Which one presumably would then hit with some sort of padded mallet. I don't know exactly how this would produce a sound, and to be perfectly honest, I really don't want to know. If you have a picture of a real-life version of one of these, please keep it to yourself. I'm scarred enough already just by thinking of it.

But a few moments later, I realized I was wrong: this would not be a form of glockenspiel. Because a glockenspiel is made of metal.

This was, of course, a xylophone.
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