Jota (jotasbrane) wrote,

"Cabinet Special"

I don't cook. I don't really have the knack or the inclination. However, my father did -- he even did it professionally when he was young. And there's one thing that I learned from him: the cabinet special.

This basically means "take whatever stuff is in the cabinet (and any leftovers too if you've got 'em), mix it all up, and then season and cook it until it tastes like it was supposed to go together."

Now, I'm sure that recipe isn't remotely uncommon, but a quick Google search suggests that the name our family happened to use for it is. So now I'm curious: do other people have a standard name that they use for this sort of dish? The kind of thing that's never really planned, and there's hardly any similarity at all between one batch and the next... but you have to call it something, after all.

What's your "cabinet special"?
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