July 15th, 2008


Game Show

I was going through some old notes and I found an idea I had for a game show.

Two players are competing with each other. By doing standard game show things (answering questions, performing challenges), they can each earn money and lose money -- and they can make their opponents earn or lose money. So far, pretty standard.

At the end of the game, the player with the most money wins both players' cash. So if Player A finishes with $250, and Player B finishes with $275, then B takes home $525.

I think this might be an interesting game-theoretical twist, since it gives each player a motivation to get the other person's total as high as possible without it exceeding their own. It might even be made more interesting by having multiple rounds: you could start out with eight players, then eliminate half of them each round, tournament-style.

(Maybe initially team them up, so you have players A and B together versus C and D, and likewise E and F versus G and H... then at the end of round one, eliminate the two losing teams and split the winners into four separate individuals, giving each person the money earned by their team (and by the team they beat). In round two give them similar events/challenges/whatever, but one-on-one with A versus E and B versus F. Then finally for round three, pit the two winners from round two against each other for the final showdown. Depending on how round two turned out, these two could easily be a pair of teammates from round one.)

Oh, and if someone uses this idea, I'd like some money, please. Or at least a mention in the credits. But money would be better.