May 4th, 2008



All episodic media stories must eventually end. I've been thinking about ways to classify those endings. This isn't about how good an ending is. It's just about how much of an ending it is.

I was originally thinking about anime when I made this list, but I think it can reasonably apply to other episodic media stories as well. It includes what could be considered spoilers for a few series — but only if you consider knowing that a show doesn't really have a proper ending to be a spoiler. I'd consider it more of a warning, myself.

Types of Endings
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Do you think a classification like this might be useful? It seems to me that it could be a way to let viewers know whether or not watching a series to the end is worth their time (if they're the sort of person who finds a #3, #4, or #5 to be unsatisfying) without spoiling any of what actually happens. (And it might also be useful to people who specifically like the mindscrew of a #4 or #5 ending.)