January 7th, 2008


Fingertip screwdriver

So here's an idea I had a week or two ago. Someone has probably already made it, but if not: mine!

It's a ring that you wear around your index finger. Don't slide it down past the first knuckle. It's got a socket in it (facing outward) that's the right size to hold the head of a screw securely. It's just deep enough that nudging the screw one way or the other shouldn't knock it out. There's also a little thumbwheel underneath that (between the socket and the band). Turning the thumbwheel turns the screw.

So if you have a hard-to-reach place where you need to put in a screw, and you're having trouble holding a screwdriver there, and having even more trouble holding the screw in place while doing it (balancing it on the tip of the screwdriver, perhaps), you use this instead. Insert the screw into the socket, reach your hand in, position the screw in place with your finger, and turn the wheel until the screw is as far in as it'll go.

Since the socket has some depth, this won't get the screw flush, but it'll easily get it in far enough that it won't keep falling out of the hole. For that, the ring can come with a small bit that fits into the socket the same way a screw does, but which has a screwdriver tip on the end of it. Then you can use that like a normal screwdriver to finish the job, turning it via the thumbwheel.