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Jota's Brane
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Friday, May 20th, 2005

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Alchemy, Part 5
(Continuing from Part 4. Begun in Part 1.)

There is a maxim among some practitioners that no discussion of alchemy is complete without a mention of the quintessence, the fifth element. Opinions as to its nature -- and to the question of its very existence -- are as plentiful as alchemists, or perhaps even moreso. Those who believe in it give it the color white, and place it in the salt of the earth and in the aether between worlds. It is often associated with the stars themselves. Some believe that it is a myth of the ancient ones; others say it is of another world and belongs outside of the science of alchemy altogether. However, the old idea that it is a wholly distinct and separate element of its own has begun to grow again of late. It is my personal belief that it is an element, but has few manifestations in its natural form. Instead, like the Vegans find the essence of Blood within the form of Leaf, the nature of the quintessence is most readily achieved by transmutation from any of the other elements.

(Concluded in Part 6.)

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