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Jota's Brane
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Tuesday, May 10th, 2005

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Sleeping backwards
I'd like to have a bed where time goes backwards. You go to bed, sleep for eight hours, and when you get up, it's eight hours before you went to sleep. Actually, you'd have to get up whether you wanted to or not, because the you from two days ago would be waiting to go to bed. But it's OK: the later you stay up, the longer you get to sleep in for.

And you'd never miss a chance to do anything because you were busy, or because you didn't catch it in time. You'd have two chances at everything, day or night, because you'd get to be wide awake for every hour of the day twice. (It's true! Draw a diagram if you don't believe me.)

(You'd also sleep through every hour once, but that's less useful, because you'd be going backwards at the time.)

The only problem I see with this (aside from trying to figure out where to find this bed) is that you'd age three times as fast, which means you'd die pretty young. But wouldn't it be worth it to finally have enough time to get everything done?

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