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Jota's Brane
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Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

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Normal people don't get stories told about them. It's basic fact about how fiction generally works: there are bit players, supporting cast, and major roles. Interesting stories happen to people in the major roles, not the bit players. And most of us, in real life, are bit players. If you doubt that, check how often you get mentioned in a major newspaper. If it's more than "almost never", you might be supporting cast. Congratulations. If it's "quite regularly, and usually on the front page", then you're a statistical anomaly who's not very likely to be reading this right now.

People in major roles are usually there for a reason. Sometimes it's because of something particularly amazing they've done; sometimes it's because of something quite notable that's happened to them; sometimes it's just because of something very special intrinsic to them. (Yes, I stole that sentiment from that other quotation. Shakespeare, apparently.)

It's no different with superheroes.Collapse )

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